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0-o !!

*Gob smacked* ... She was.. and, the blood. Spine hanging out, bottom half missing... Im traumatised! How could U do that to the best character.. I mean, stab Baby Kong Please.. But Dixxy!
This animation was pretty good, (other than the above, but thats just me) Good sprite work, nice music cues. Anyway, i really just wanted to say.. Noooooooooo! Dixxy, why, why!!

Can U spell...

Hypocrisy ?

Ya'llmost had me fooled!

The preloader was sapoirb! But the actuallt flash was ... a blitzball walking down a poorly drawn ... whateva the hell that was before magically respawning at the begining... and the song was good... but the only credit you get for that is picking it..

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Heh.. Alien Abduction aye.

I made a game ages ago called "Alien Abductions" the S on the end seems to make more sense, lol. This game seems very Similar. But not so similar that I'd say u been pinching me ideas. =-^. Anyway, this game is pretty hard, the amount of FBI agents in the second level is .. alot. And personally i think teh tractor beam is too short.. hehe.
.... Im watching you.


Okay, so Tom did make newgrounds and hey, Im thankfull, but I'm not gonna marry his Mom. Why suck up? And insulting reveiwers.. tsk tsk, Faggot means a bundle of sticks and even that would be more interesting than this game. Well okay, about par.

Good effort

I made a couple of fps shooters when i started out too, and i know there no easy task, but a few tips, limited ammo means limited fun! Simple characters that move well will score higher than advanced characters that don't... seperate the peices and have them spin to look at you when they emerge. Furthermore add a health bar and a damage code on the peak of the enemies apearance / momement, so you have to kill them or they'll shoot you! I liked your preloader... the sound was a bit annoying though! Good job! Keep it up!

babaganoush responds:

thanks man, yeah its pretty hard to make these suckers. This is my first so thanks for the feedback, hopefully it will be better with everything you requested. thanks again.


Im animating more games now than ever before, so stay tuned for regular updates. But, more Importantly, im working on my very own cartoon series, which i hope to get up soon.. :) Check out Resident WiiVle 2 or ZOMG Zombies.

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