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Heya Ya'll. :D

I never usually post or the like anywhere, but I thought i might brake that habit. I've Just released my new game, Hallow Mind to the portal and hope everyone likes it. But really I just want people to try it. My games of late, namely Resident WiiVle 2 have just sneaked by in the dark and it makes this author sad.. but then again, maybe they just wernt that good. Take a look and judge for urself ... *pokes*

If the story of Hallow Mind confuses anyone.. thas because your not crazy. But the story, in a way for me is like a test.. if you dont ask yourself why your shooting everything in sight by the end of the game, maybe the 7 day wait on firearms isnt so bad :P .. However as the story is not this games strong point, i hope everyone just enjoys the gameplay.